Connect with Zapier

There's an integration with Zapier planned but in the meanwhile you can already use it thanks to the generic webhook trigger, here's a little guide on how to do that.
Thanks a lot to Michael ( user) for testing this and providing this tutorial !


  1. You have to pick "webhook by zapier".
  2. Select "Catch Hook".
  3. Leave off the child key option.
  4. Zapier generates a unique webhook url, copy it.
  5. Paste the webhook url into your settings and save.
  6. Setup a false domain and wait for the downtime email to generate a first webhook.
  7. Click "Ok I did this" so that Zapier can fetch the sample data.
  8. If all went well you see a "View you hook" link.
  9. Click on it to review the data received, it should look like this.


You can choose between many different options, what to do with the fetched data.
We'll illustrate this with an example where the webhooks are stored as individual rows in a google spreadsheet
  1. Choose the "Google Sheets" action.
  2. Select "Create Spreadsheet Row".
  3. Connect a google account.
  4. Create a spreadsheet with the columns you want.
  5. Connect the speadsheet columns with attributes from the hook.
  6. Turn on your Zapier integration.

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